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Post  Captain Titanic on Sun Feb 17, 2008 4:50 pm

Hello guys

Please take the following tips in-mind on not just this forum, but all other you go on.

Can you post your real name on this forum? No NOT SAFE
Can you post your address (+tele number?) No NOT SAFE

Please, ths top one might sound a bit bizziar. "What bad would it do if I told the forum my name?" Awnser: If your not careful, many things. If Internet was a super safe place, then why do forums and chatrooms ask you for a NICKNAME? All in good time.

After all, bounce it may not do much damage. it is garunteed as 99.9% that nothing will happen if you post your own name... But there is still an 0.01% chance of something MIGHT happen, and maybe that percentage goes to you for the day. So we would kindly ask to keep your personal details to yourself. NEVER give them away.

There maybe 10 internet safety boxed cd's on your shelf. I have a pet Northon... But they have great big oversized manuals telling you ways to keep safe. This is because no internet security pogram is BANG, 100% safe. Tecnology grows too quickly. Its just like when Germany launched the U-boat, and people tried to make ships as safe as possible. Same thing. The u-boat is the internet hog. If they find out your identity, (position or bareing of the ship,) they fire the torpedo (virus). And then the ship (your computer) is DOWN

But No-one will stop you from shareing your real name on this forum. You can give it away. But note that we are not responsible for any damage. (Although we should be absalutely sure that there will be none)

Most forums have an online e-mail for a reason. If you wish to e-mail someone or recive an e-mail, please do not ask or give your hotmail, yahoo or anything else. use the facinateing PM function. If you have new e-mail in your forum mailbox, then a popup will inform you. rabbit

If any moderators catch you giveing away personal phone numbers or adresses, you will be banned forever. Previously, I myself have known frineds get virused because they give away de-tails. If you really have to give away an adress, then the directory you have given shouldnt NOT be any more precise then... "Liverpool..." or "England" (country and city are fine.) cat

Avatars.... If an avatar is a picture of you, then it will be removed. This is just like giveing away your passport ID or your credit card number. This is the first and final warning for avatars. If not picked wisely, banning will occur.

Although, these things like viruses rarely happen. Dont let my rubbish settle in your brain forever, or dont let them get you a nightmare. If you have a pet Northon, then do a virus check about every two months. If there are any found, delete them. Easy as pie!

Viruses are not stuff that just blank your screen in a second, it automatically inserts a file into your computer, and if you come by and click on it, it says would you like to install. If you do, TEHN, your dead.

Names cannot possibally be a way of finding out identity. We wish no names on the boards because a user might try to trick other members saying that he/she is an alt account. Its happend before guys...

Always keep safe on the internet

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